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Monday, December 05, 2005

Planning for Presents

I just finished a mini scarf using some moda dea swirl yarn that I got as a secret Santa gift, but I am looking for the perfect button for it. The colors are not me, but I think my boyfriend's sister would really like it. I am going to start next on this ruffle scarf for my boyfriend's mom. I can really see her rockin that, especially if it is fuzzy. Also, I think my brother would appreciate this billed hat. He always wears the same grungy beanie every year, and it is time he updated his look! Come to think of it, I want that hat! In pink, of course.

However, all this will have to wait one more week. It is finals week and I am completely and utterly burnt out. My boyfriend said he knew I was done for when I opted to watch football instead of study. So true! I have taken an hour break to relax and look at crafts, but now it is time to study for my final at 8am. Please, let it end!


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