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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yet more future projects

I always have a million projects planned, and I have an entire room of 'to be made' projects to prove it. I also have a whole dresser dedicated to unfinished projects, but that's an entirely different story. Right now, I'm really hooked on crochet (no pun intended, I promise!) and I have about 75 different free patterns bookmarked.

What really determines what project to crochet right now is solely based on what yarn I have available. I have about a paper grocery-sized bag full of thrift store yarn, so color and texture varies greatly. I couldn't make the amigurumi bunny because I didn't have anything similar to 'brushed acrylic.'

So right now, I'm making these cute wee birdies. I'm about halfway done, and it will be pale blue and white. My next project will be this pudgy penguin, because I do indeed have black, white and yellow/orange worsted weight yarn.

Christmas will be exciting because I have been looking at getting yarn FOR a project, rather than having to find a project for my yarn.


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