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Friday, November 18, 2005

Addicted to craftlogs

I'm addicted to reading blogs about crafts. There, I said it. I read more about crafts than I actually craft. It's a nasty habit that I'm trying to break, but it's so hard to not look at such beautiful creations. One tool that has really helped me read a billion blogs at once is bloglines. I wish I found this earlier! I have about thirty differed blogs that I subscribe to, and I never miss an entry. Which might not be a good thing, because now I'm addicted to checking my blogline feeds...


Anonymous Janey said...

Finally. I've found someone else who is also spending more time on reading about crafts than doing!
I've collected sooo many patterns - both knitting AND crocheting (and I haven't crocheted for over 40 years) ... because various things are so beautiful.

One lucky thing. I don't - as yet - have a blog. So at least I don't have to write something on a regular basis about what I am *supposed* to be doing.

6:51 PM  

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